Close to My Heart

I swore I’d never use my blogs to raise money…but that was then…and this is now. My beloved son-in-law was in a tragic accident over the weekend.

The picture is of Roy and Sophie, his just-turned-one-year-old granddaughter.

We ask for your positive thoughts and prayers for his recovery. Thank you.

Roy Carpenter Fund via @gofundme

Temporarily Out of Service…

due to

I’m sorry that I’ve been away for so long….and that I can’t tell you exactly when I’ll be able to get back to regular posting. Health issues have reduced my energy levels and I must focus on the things that have to be done…relegating some of the things I love to a back burner. Writing on my blogs is one of the things I’ve had to set aside. I am so thankful to all of you who visit here and welcome newcomers who may drop in. Please know that I will post again regularly as soon as I am able. Don’t give up on me!

Wishing you all blessed and happy holidays.

Very Special Moments

Before I get back to more routine posts, I thought I’d share with you a few of the photos I took at my daughter’s wedding last weekend. (the ones with me in them were taken by my very dear friend, Leslie Gregory)









…and, in keeping with the ever-more purple theme of this blog….





Long time, no post!  The past couple of months have passed so quickly that I hardly know where the time went. I’ve spent the summer working on projects for my Etsy shop, The Queen’s Pincushion, and…more importantly…on projects for my daughter’s wedding in early September. I’ve neglected pretty much everything around here, including my blogs.

I’d planned to put off my apologetic posts until after the wedding, but Vicki’s post came in this morning’s email. I’m passing it on to all of you…right this minute…because it’s so important that it reach as many people as possible….as soon as possible.

I hope Vicki’s request touches your heart and that you’ll pass it on to others, as well.

So Much to Do, So Little Time

I’ve been so busy creating pincushions this month that I’ve neglected everything else….like housework, and laundry, and dishes, and…and…and…

My house looks like a very strong hurricane has been through…..twice! I did a quick load of laundry over the weekend (because I was running out of unmentionables).  I finally bathed Millie (my Yorkie) … because Her Smelliness was looking so bedraggled and sad (not to mention her pungent aroma). She’s a much happier puppy today…and she smells like baby shampoo!  Meal preparation has been completely suspended…..thank goodness for the microwave and cold snack foods. Fortunately, I only have myself to feed….and I’ve kept Millie’s bowl full, so my guilt has been pretty easily put aside. (Did I tell you that I’m really good at rationalizing….and making excuses?)

In the name of creativity…and making the most of my sometimes elusive muse….I put everything aside and focused on getting The Queen’s Pincushion off to a good start. Creating the actual pincushions was the fun part….but there were a lot of administrative tasks, too. Setting up a new website, a new blog (or 2), taking photos, post-processing photos….and the list goes on. I still have a lot (read L.O.T.) of writing to do. Which brings me to . . .

My apologies for adding so few posts to The Purple Sweater lately (and all my many other blogs, too). I’m hoping to do better in the weeks to come . . . to share with you some of the things I’m making for my daughter’s wedding, a few other projects I have been trying to find time to work on, and (of course) new pincushions as I get them completed.

Here are two I finished over the weekend and posted to the shop this morning.




Buttons & Bows

Buttons & Bows

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them!

I Did It!

The Queen’s Pincushion is officially open for business!  I opened my Etsy shop yesterday. I’ve achieved my goal of establishing and stocking my shop by the end of June. I invite you all to come and visit often to see my confections. I add new ones about once a week. Here are a few examples of what you will find:

Pincushion for a Pasha

Pincushion for a Pasha

I love polkadots!

I love polkadots!

Understated Elega

Understated Elegance

There are lots more…and here is where you can see them


Am I proud?  You betcha!


Crochet to the Max

This is amazing! I cannot believe the size of the project…or the time she devoted to complete it…or how much fun the children will have playing there! What a wonderful gift for her community.


You’ll Never Believe What’s Inside This Wooden Structure … It’s Made By Hand and Awesome!.

First Project, Post CT Surgery

Wow! What a difference a month has made! I had my right hand surgery on April 10th…and the left hand done on May 2nd. It’s incredible how effective the procedures were. I haven’t had any numbness in either hand from the day the doctor operated on them….and they were both absolutely dead at times. It felt as if I had nothing at the end of my arm…nothing below my wrist. I’ve been having numbness for years and put off the surgery until I no longer had any other option.

Right up to the instant I realized surgery was inevitable, I was in complete denial about how bad my condition had gotten. I’ve been using “mind over matter” for years and only stopping whatever I was doing when the tingling became too bad to continue…then I would rest for a few moments until feeling returned…and continue knitting or sewing. I thought I could go on like that indefinitely. Not!

I learned that “mind over matter” had no effect on either hand. One simply cannot make a hand move when it is so numb that even the tingling is gone. Rude awakening! However, there is a happy ending….I’m regaining dexterity day by day and should have fully recovered my strength within six months.Yaaaayyy!

I couldn’t wait to get back to knitting and creating…this is a little Bluebird of Happiness I made as a housewarming gift for a friend who recently moved into a new “nest”


He’s made from wool felt, feathers, a couple of cabochon “moonstones” , a couple of little black buttons, and a fine black wool needlepoint yarn that I’ve had in my stash for years ~~ filled with polyester stuffing. He’s two-sided and hangs as an ornament from a crocheted loop I attached (after this photo was taken) at just the point where he would balance evenly because his rear end was heavier than his front, so I had to place it up near his head.

What fun I had working on him with my newly un-numb hands! Since then, I’ve been knitting up a storm on a little cotton cardigan for my great-granddaughter. I’m making it in a size 3T because she’s growing so fast. When she was born, she’d already outgrown the little pink sweater set I’d made and never wore it. And she only wore the little booties I made last Christmas a few times before she outgrew them, too. She’s an adorable three months now and is an amazingly happy and calm baby…lots of smiles and coos, and practically never cries. Needless to say, her GG is delighted!

So, back to knitting….did you know that one can get calluses from knitting?? Who knew! During the weeks that I haven’t been able to knit I discovered that I had them on both forefingers and my right thumb—apparently from where they touch the needles and yarn as I knit. At first I couldn’t think of what had caused them and have been applying generous amounts of Vitamin E cream mixed with Bio-Oil and lanolin (my own inadvertent mixture—I poured leftovers into one jar). When I picked up my knitting again I had an Ah-Ha moment….but it took me a while to get there.

Do you have calluses from knitting? ;o)

SquareCat FeltFace….(with apologies to SpongeBob)

I whipped up this little guy as a quick gift for one of my Grand-Girls ~~ I have nine granddaughters…and one perfectly adorable great-granddaughter!! He’s made of wool felt and homespun fabric, buttons, paper, quilt-batting, polyester fiber-fill, and lots of love…mixed in with the few drops of blood that inevitably find their way into nearly everything I hand-sew these days. Carpal-tunnel surgery coming up soon! (am hoping that at least some of the clumsiness will improve)  [update in next post]



I just shared him with my neighbor and she wanted to take him home….looks like I’ll be making at least one more…

Aaaannnd Heeere’s PS2~

Purple Sweater #2 ~~

This is the front...

This is the front…

...the back

…the back

I've had these beautiful buttons for years. Wish I knew who made them so I could give them credit.

I’ve had these beautiful buttons for years. Wish I knew who made them so I could give them credit.



The photos of me are by Michael Oliver.


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